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Beach & Location

Ushongo Bay is a tropical paradise: sandy unspoilt beaches with safe swimming throughout the year, ideal for children. Ushongo is situated 15 kms from the old Arab town of Pangani.

Ushongo offers seclusion away from the crowds. There are no hotel resorts, souvenir shopping malls, water scooters, beach boys or other such feautures of mass tourism. No traffic noise. Apart from Christmas there are only about a dozen tourists, sometimes no tourists at all. The usual movements to be seen are villagers on bicycles on the beach and traditional fishing boats crossing the bay.

Ushongo is surrounded by coral reefs. The water thrives with marine life, from live coral to sea turtles and whales. Experience deep-sea fishing, sea-turtle hatching and bird watching.

Temperatures range between 25 and 30 C with December being the hottest month. The rainy season usually starts in April and ends in May. The water does not go out more than 5 metres at low tide. Near the house there are no rocks or mangroves.

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